Trusted Advisor 

Active Life Re-Positioning

Some of the work I have done leads itself to helping people through very large life changes or projects. I have served, as it were, as a professional pace horse for people for decades, and I enjoy the process. 


This is not a section of the website for the faint of heart.  


If your life is by no means easy - but also not crushing you with the sheer weight of responsibility together with a series of simultaneous, and previously inconceivable, difficulties - count yourself lucky and move on to the Smooth Transitions packages listed on the bottom right of my Menu on the Services Page. 

Still here? I am truly sorry to hear that. Take a deep breath and continue reading if you are looking for an assistant and professional to walk with you through a life project or possibly your personal dark night of the soul...


From my previous professional capacity, I have some very special skills that I intermittently share on a consultant-type basis. Keep in mind that I am quite jealous about my time and energy away from family and chosen activities; so I only serve one client at a time in this manner. That means these offerings are only for people who are in the thick of MAJOR life readjustments that are going to create a completely different life once they reach the other side. 

Trusted Advisor Services - 12 Month Active Life Re-Positioning

Photo Credit: Natasha Sadlowski

Trusted Advisor - What is That?

My work as a Trusted Advisor is neither in the form of  'representing' nor 'advising' you as an attorney would. (Remember, I am no longer insured to practice law and therefore the Oregon State Bar and Oregon Law prevents me from giving legal advice.) If legal matters are involved, I will not sign onto a case until the client is represented by one or more (if needed) qualified legal representatives. If medical matters are involved, I will not sign onto a situation until the client is being treated by qualified medical personnel. 

I am not a life coach.

Rather, as your personal assistant and adviser, I serve your constantly changing needs 'on the fly' with the various and many tools in my possession. I have found that, over the last few decades as a professional, I have built up a war chest of options and alternatives to be used when life seems the most dire. These tools support my clients as they review their current life positions. With them, I can bring clarity which can allow my clients to make good and knowing decisions in all the situations that life has to offer. For over two decades I have kept a cool head as a professional problem solver and I am trained under fire and fully experienced to figure out not only how to get things done creatively, but also how to access information imperative for good decision-making. It is this series of skills that I bring to the table. 

I only take on a very select clientele who are in the market for a Trusted Advisor to help them transition several life culminations at once. This level of assistance is only available to clients going through three or more considerably dynamic and stressful areas of re-positioning in their lives. For example: My last client was a one-year project that included aspects of the following: Mom/business owner and her family were in a nearly fatal all-family car crash. Everything fell apart from there. What followed included: Medical malpractice and subsequent trials; legal malpractice and subsequent hearings; elder abuse charges and subsequent settlement conferences; divorce and custody fight; adult guardianship which was then cancelled; and throughout it all being essentially sole parent to her school age and teen-aged kids who were suffering with their own varying levels of physical and mental health difficulties. Further, dealing with  her own personal health issues; dealing with her aging and non-supportive parents; and the ongoing issues of being a solo business owner with employees and entangled tax issues.

Should I chose to walk with you through a series of life transitions, I customarily sign on in six-month to one-year increments, as it is my experience that there is a give and take to large multiple-sectioned life transitions that is most comfortable on a slower timeline. Further, this process likely cannot be rushed even if one has the inclination to do so.   Of course, this is situationally dependent. A series of meetings will be held before you and I sign a retainer agreement, agree on terms, and set the retainer cost. 

Again, remember every situation is unique and until I spend some time getting to know you, I won't have a clue which package would fit you or even if you and I are temperamentally a match to do this type of heavy lifting together. (It doesn't do any good to hire an adviser you don't trust or don't click with, right?)

The 12-Month Unlimited Personal Assistance Package (UPAP) within the Pacific Northwest (travel costs negotiable) is not designed to exceed an average of 10 in-person hours per month in addition to the unlimited calls, Skype, and emails provided. Any travel outside the USA must be handled by a licensed travel agent at client's expense.  


          12-Month Unlimited Personal Assistance Package                                                                                        $50,000.