Sarah Says:

I had an amazing 90 minute Reiki/Accunect session with Stephanie. I felt better and more relaxed than if I had had a 2 hour relaxation massage. It was a great reset for my body, and I came away with insights into how my emotional process connects with the ailments that have been bugging my body. I highly recommend this for anyone dealing with challenges with health or stressful life circumstances, or if you just want a tune up to feel even better than you already do!

 First time Accunect experience combined with Reiki as a complimentary support. 

"I had my first ever Accunect session with Stephanie LH Barrie.  It was as restorative as acupuncture but without the needles!  In fact, there was no physical contact at all. 

It is a very calm and gentle experience.  Stephanie has healer energies and her intuition is spot on.  An image came up that illuminated a current emotional issue for me.  Overall, I felt warm energies flowing around and concentrating in areas that needed attention.  I 'awoke' refreshed.  The debrief after the session was very valuable to me.  I will definitely repeat this experience."


-Marsha S, Portland, Oregon

Traveling overseas and called for emergency distance session.

Via Email:

Re: Thank you, Powerful Healer

Dear Stephanie,
Thank you so much for the Reiki healing and for putting me on your grid so that I can receive Reiki continuously.  I can hardly believe the difference.  I would say it is about 80% better with pain levels dropping from about 7 to 1 or 2.  I suspect I am going to need to make some adjustments (haven't quite figured out what exactly they are yet) to get 100%, but am overjoyed to be where I'm at with it now.  It has made traveling easier and life in general more comfortable.

This morning I am off to the ancient stone site of Avebury for two nights.  Will do some walks but I expect it will be mostly relaxing. Then on Saturday I'm off to Glastonbury to meet my classmates.  Class starts Monday.

Again thank you for your healing gift.
P- Chico, California

The benefits of maintaining your energetic health. 


Yesterday, I had an Accunect treatment by Stephanie at FireHorse Reiki and today I am full of energy and getting lots of things done!  Lack of energy had become a huge problem for me and nothing seemed to help, so I am most grateful for access to the healing talents of Stephanie.  


Her treatment space is quiet and restful - it would be very easy to fall asleep during the session.  After offering me a choice of essential oils for diffusion in the room, Stephanie asked what my goals for the session were and what needed attention.  She explained how the session would proceed and what she would be doing in each part. 

And then she got to work! 


At all times she was attuned to and concerned for my comfort.  I could feel changes as she proceeded - it is wonderful to be out of pain, especially in places that have become chronic sources of pain.  And almost immediately I was able to breathe much better - we hadn't even talked about sinus issues!  

Stephanie is a very skilled and talented healer - I recommend her to all my friends. For my continued well being, I consider having monthly treatments by Stephanie to be part of my health maintenance program.

Penny, Age 72

Reiki Master - Usui Shiko Ryoho line via Lori George.

From a Retired Drug and Alcohol Counselor

In my world, all practices move healing energy between sender and receiver.  


That interaction combines the flow of certainty and acceptance between both.  


It is the exchange of this kind of power that creates an opportunity for change.


Stephanie naturally facilitates this kind of process.  

- L. Meadows

Reiki and Animals - Horses and Their People

"I have seen first hand the effects that therapy has on the equine spirits in our lives.  Stephanie Barrie walked into an arena with three horses and as soon as she began therapy all three horses migrated slowly but surely to her from different areas of the arena. Not because she was a human, which was soon demonstrated, but due to what she offered them.  She kept her line of power open for a good 30 minutes while the horses stayed calmly near her. When they had received enough to fill them they each walked away, each at their own time and each in their own direction.  One horse, who'd recently been injured stayed longer and though the horses never touched Ms. Barrie, this horse stayed the closest and we watched as her eyes relaxed to the point of almost being asleep.  When the injured horse was ready she ambled away to stare over the arena fence.  

My own experience with Ms Barrie is this - I received an injury from riding a horse. For over a year it truly hurt and ached. Ms. Barrie, after one session, was able to show me how to handle the pain and I rarely have any adverse reactions to that injuries anymore. When I do, I'm equipped to know how to handle it!"

- L. Sorria

What is a Session With a 4-year-old Like?

I had the pleasure of experiencing Reiki performed by Stephanie Barrie on my four year old. From the moment we walked in, she was able to create a positive and comforting environment for my exceptionally shy son.  Within moments, he was by her side choosing from a variety of essential oils he enjoyed.  As soon as he was settled and engaged in an activity, Stephanie began to perform balancing.  The atmosphere was calming and soothing and my son rapidly came out of his shell and engaged in extensive conversation with Stephanie.  After the balancing was complete, he was invited to help her put the essential oils in the diffuser and lay comfortably on the Reiki table.  As soon as Stephanie placed her hands on my son’s side, he quickly declared how warm her hands were and that it was also making his tummy warm.  My son was exceedingly relaxed and intrigued throughout the entire process.  On his own doing, he now calls her ‘The Magic Lady!’  As a parent, I appreciated how thorough Stephanie was throughout the session and explained in depth what she was doing and the reasons behind the steps performed.  After the session, she comprehensively debriefed with me and answered any questions I had. Stephanie demonstrated excellent listening skills and I did not feel rushed when we were debriefing.  The days following the Reiki session, my four year old has appeared to be more equalized emotionally.  He has not exhibited the extreme emotions as before in which he would become very angry and lash out, or cry inconsolably.  My son has also been able to articulate his emotional needs more clearly which has decreased his frustration.  I am looking forward to future Reiki sessions with Stephanie.


Elementary School Teacher