Spring Board/Spring Birth

When I was writing the Galactic Forecast for MaRiza over at her website at FullAwakening.net, at the beginning of Solar Aries, I quoted her as saying this is going to be a long birth.

Many channellers and energy workers are using this same analogy to describe the next 2 to 4 year period.

Some mystics are describing the birth from the position of the Mother, some from the prospective of the Babe.

I would rather forcefully request you consider the process from the perspective of the child.

There will be contractions and periods of rest.

Times when you can stretch and examine the shape of your new surroundings, move yourself to fit your container, rest, even go dormant while the Universe dilates around and for us.

The time we are in right now is very energetically 'tight' and yet it is a quiet time to rest and pay attention to 'flow.'

The only way out is through and you will do yourself no good trying to turn yourself away from the direction Universe requires for your birth.

Make no mistake, Universe will forcefully 'turn' you if you are not correctly positioned in the canal.

There will come times when we must be flexible. Turn, readjust for our own comfort.

This is nothing to fear, but it can be uncomfortable.

So please recall that this is a lovely time to make sure you have LOTS of self care.

Besides, the only thing you can 'do' is to make yourself as comfortable as you can and rest whenever possible.

When this community birth is complete, you

will be in a whole new world!

Sending you buckets of love and support. -Steph'nie

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