Doors (Sticky vs. Wide Open)

Is there a right time to open a door?

I’ve just received an email from John Burgos at Beyond the Ordinary Show that they are completely rescheduling “…our Great Awakenings event featuring Wendy Kennedy and Nora Herald originally scheduled for April 14th. The event will now be held on June 9th.”

And then, with no apologies, they took the time to say why.

The Universe wasn’t on board.

The stated reason was more 3D and detailed: the venue was double booked; expenses; wrong room. Basically, the venue was playing hard to get and John’s team recognized it was time for a change.

From their newsletter:

“Our attempts to find a new venue for April have not come together easily, so rather than scramble and stress to find a new place that we want to call home, we decided to take this as a beautiful sign to take a breath, follow the flow and allow the right place to unfold. We are being led to create in a new space that supports our growth and intention, while also providing the best possible experience for our community. We hope you will understand our decision.”

Beautifully done. (Add clapping sounds here.)

It’s like they went to work one day and tried to open the door to their business plan for the event, and the door just wouldn’t open.


I believe that the key to recognizing an open door is based in the clear understanding that many times the only possible way the Universe has of getting our attention that a new door has opened is to close our current door first.

As though that’s the only way to get us to look around.

How cliché.

Clearly, the harder we push or pull or force or try to pick the lock, or even try to push up the pin to take the door off the hinges what we are TRYING to do; the harder we make it on ourselves. At that point, we are just forcing the Universe into using its energetic version of ‘the stern voice’. Each time we get pushier, Universe has to say “no!” even louder.

And that sounds painful.

Well, it got me to thinking what the hallway of doors means to all of us.

You know that hallway, right?

The hallways they use in movies and hypnosis scripts that represent options, situations, and opportunities and even different realms of reality?

And I wondered about the whole doorway thing in general.

Like: Do we have more doorways in our ‘Hall of 2018’ than we did in 2012 or even 2017?

It sure seems like the world of possibility is bigger all of a sudden.

And, if, as we grow our intuition and connection with source, we are perceiving more and more all the time; does that mean we see more doors or more doors appear as we turn the corner to another hallway of possibilities?

Are there, in the way of exponential growth, actually more doors to check?

I suppose it's possible.

And yet, all doors lead to a choice. The choice to look in. To walk by. To try the handle. To press our ear upon it to listen for what’s on the other side…

To jiggle the handle to see if it’s locked or just stuck…

…and the free will to spend EVERY LAST BIT OF OUR PRECIOUS ENERGY trying to get into the first single locked (or stuck) door we find.

Just because when we were a kid we wrote our name on this one in crayon?

I know I have certainly done a running air-leap/bounce off at a couple of closed doors myself.


But I learned from it. Thankfully.

You know, after a while.


March brought me to a new door.

After closing the one I hand my hand on.

I wanted to open my new Reiki and Wellness clinic. Construction was finished March 1st. I was lined up to do a mailer this month to 10,000 homes in parts of Oregon, Washington and Arizona.

I’d sold a piece of land in Alaska and escrow was March 20th.

I had a plan.

And the door didn’t swing wide when I came to work.

In fact, it was… a little… harder to open that normal…


Not like John and his team with an entire “Great Awakenings Event” after rollout and in the middle of the push. Annnnddd… no venue.

Big. Door. Slam.

But a little door hesitation. It just didn’t swing open easily.


So, John informed his whole readership: ‘Wrong door. Forget April. We will start again and do it in June. Picking another door. Will let you know.’

And me? I informed my personal assistant: ‘Forget coming to work in April. Have hope for May – I will keep you posted.’

And I picked another door.

This one practically fell open when I got close.

It taught me something about checking the doors to see when they open easy and when they open hard. It's not, maybe, about where I want to go, it's about checking the tensile strength of the timing I'm thinking about.

You see, it seems that’s the way Universe gets our attention… speeding up and slowing down. Expansion and contraction. Except this month, I'm just checking to see if the door sticks a little or flies open and beckons me to enter with confidence into what is ready and waiting for me inside.

Because the alternative is to try and force things open.

I sure as heaven do NOT want to see how the Universe energetically yells at me if I get stubborn and try to open a new business in the middle of some ‘New Universal Plan.’

So. New Plan.

Get up each day and go to work.

Sit at my desk.

Try some doors.

Just to see which ones swing open wide.


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