When the Wind Blows

There is an article in the Spring 2018 issue of Reiki News Magazine entitled Reiki and Emergency Preparedness by Peter Huhtala.

In it, he states that the experts suggest a 37% chance of the Pacific Northwest experiencing at least a magnitude 8.0 earthquake within the next 50 years.

I have been a little more than slightly aware of the Cascadia Subduction Zone since my previous law partner joined her local CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and got her HAM radio license. Once she started her training, she became more proactive in getting the rest of us on board. And I am very glad she did.

In early 2018, I noted the advice of the shamans when they pointed out that the big beautiful planet Jupiter being nearby gives a nitro boost to things like weather and natural disasters. With last year being a Fire year, and seeing what that brought on, I took note when I heard that this year is an Earth year.

Now, don’t go telling your friends and relations that I said we are in for an Earthquake in the short term rather than the long term, but…

I can disclose that our family 2017 Christmas theme was “Emergency Preparedness.” (Luckily, I have a husband who still thinks it's funny to be gifted a plastic toilet seat and two buckets on Christmas morning!) Sidebar: Yes, you need two buckets. Marked #1 and #2. Portland has the wrong soil for pit latrines.

So, having been forewarned by friends, astrologers and shamans; I decided to join my local CERT. (Called NET: Neighborhood Emergency Team.)

So far, the training has been intensive, interesting and (happily) free of cost.

The biggest investment thus far has been a donation of time. For example my final exam will be on the morning of April 1st. (Yes, which is already April Fool’s day AND Easter) There, I will spend my time at the training center taking my final exam. It appears that the April Fools’ trick is on me this Easter as, instead of seeking chocolate eggs, I will be crawling over staged rubble to find actors in full injury makeup (I'm told they really get into it).

So. Why share all this?

Because March’s theme in the Power Path monthly Newsletter is “Creative Adaptability.”

After splinting a volunteer with cardboard and cloth; I get what they mean. But there is a follow up point about creativity I will make in a minute.

First, I want to point out that a quote from AstroCurrents Monthly’s discussion of Uranus in Aries. Here, Elizabeth is discussing the type of radical change we will see during this transit and she used this quote as an example of what to expect.

This, from the i-Ching:

“The tendency of human beings is to rely on the strategies of the ego:

To desire, plot and strive.

When we do this, our spiritual development stops,

and the Universe must use

shocking events

to move us back onto the path.”

-I Ching – Book of Changes, #51 Chen: The Arousing (Shock)

The point I would like to make is this: What if… just maybe… energetically… we don’t have to actually live through an emergency… if we can learn the lessons it is meant to bring first?

Hear me out…

In the Power Path monthly newsletter, Lena reminds us that many of us are in a grumpy state of resistance to how things are unfolding; both personally and globally.

Okay. That’s certainly true.

That little bit of resistance and stubbornness, she states, can cause a negative attitude that makes the issues stick around energetically. Her advice: “It is time to challenge all that and step into a more proactive role in how we experience our lives.”

Great. So I think I have it made as long as I go with ‘the attitude of gratitude,’ right?


The PersonEssence yearly review told us that 2018 is the year of Service and the year of the Warrior. Meaning that there is an element of action. Not, apparently, the year of sitting in a cave praying about it. More the year of getting together with your neighbors and coming up with a plan. That fits in with the message of the month.

Lena advises that March 2018, particularly near the end of the month, is the time to take up the reins and face each challenge not with resignation, but with creative inspiration to find a new way.

In Lena’s words:

“We need to be adaptable, not in a resigned acceptance, but rather in a way that has us creating new recipes using familiar ingredients.”

Creatively taking present situations that are unsatisfactory and proactively changing them by thinking and acting ‘outside the box’ WILL create solutions, she states.

So, what are you finding unsatisfactory these days?

What am I finding unsatisfactory? Well, the discussions of what is defined as reasonable gun use laws for one. But posting snarky comments on Facebook really wasn’t changing any minds nor ingratiating me to friends and family who are fearful that when the ‘big quake’ comes; they will need to have reasonable armament to protect their family and food stores.

But I digress.

We all have that thing that burns our biscuits. At least I think most of us do. After all, we are human. So the message for the month is – are you going to sit and gripe, or are you going to grab a stick and figure out a way to do something useful with it?

As for me – I joined CERT/NET training.

Now, let me be clear because I am NOT into fear mongering. I joined not because I was afraid of an earthquake; but rather because I want to be the trained, in the know, and responsible neighbor we all deserve to have when the house falls down. (I'm a people pleaser that way. Don’t worry, I'm working on that trait too.)

And do you know what I learned?

I learned that people just like me get deployed to their neighborhood icy streets on windy days to babysit a live downed power line so police and fire can go save lives. It already happened. A hot chocolate drinking NET team had a street party to block the street next to a hot power line and the fire department deployed to a heart attack call across town that resulted in a happy ending. (Yes, I played fast and loose with the facts a little. But it happened. No, I don’t know if they had hot chocolate, but they should have.)

And I learned things that were really important to my spiritual growth.

I learned that using NET volunteers, the Portland Fire Department is rolling out a “how to tie a tourniquet” class for Oregon educators to help teachers in the line of fire save lives in cases where a gunshot wound only kills if the body bleeds out before help arrives.

And I learned that 1500 others in the greater Portland area, and almost 400 of my graduating class are willing to step outside their comfort zones, turn off their Facebook and stop the grumbling posts about the state of the world we are in; put on an orange vest and a whistle, and help their neighbors if and when anything goes wonky in our immediate environment.

I learned 90% of people saved after a major event are saved by their neighbors.

And all of a sudden; my world wasn’t as scary anymore.

I felt like my little step outside my comfort zone was going to actually do some real good.

And it wasn’t hard, or expensive, or a huge responsibility, either. We aren’t stopping the ice, earthquakes, or storms. We aren’t even stopping the school shootings. And we don’t line up on opposite sides of the political aisle.

But what we are doing is quietly building an army of people who care and are willing to show up.

One day at a time.

One neighborhood at a time.

Apply as needed.

Count me in.


To read all of Lena Stevens’ article, go to: https://thepowerpath.com/monthly-forecast/march-2018-monthly-forecast/

To read Peter Huhtala’s article in Reiki news magazine, go to Peter’s website at: https://www.holylovereiki.com/peter-huhtala.html

To learn more about PersonEssence or purchase the 2018 Trends Talk, go to: https://thepowerpath.com/shamans-market/audio/power-path-philosophy/trends-2018-audio/

To read more of AstroCurrents Monthly’s discussion of Uranus in Aries, you can get 75% off first month’s membership here: https://astrocurrentsmonthly.com/

(Note: I endorse these because I like them. They aren't advertisements, and I get no kickbacks.)

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