Why a Newsletter?

Why not? I mean I write plenty in my daily journal and I research metaphysical trends for myself… So the question remains… why not share?

This is my attempt to disseminate materials and messages I come across in my regular (and irregular) readings and research. The fact is that a regular newsletter will allow me to share my own musings as well as quotes, messages, and the belief systems of those I come across. Rather like my own book club, blog, book report and Facebook page. You know – on a private list.

Who I Am Reading Now…

The people (and entities) quoted here are the ones that interest me currently. I may or may not stay with someone I find of interest so it is imperative for you to give me feedback on the authors and personalities I share; as knowing those you find helpful – or boring – will help guide my ongoing choices.

It would be very easy for me to read and share, say, the Bible passages from my weekly Bible study - but what if no one is particularly interested in that? No problem. I can continue to do bible study without sharing it with the newsletter. If you don’t speak up, though, you will suffer along with everyone else while I share. (Input cheesy grin here!)

Who are YOU reading?

No promises, but feel free to share with me materials and schools of thought you’d like me to consider looking into – and adding. I Am ever enjoying the new and bright lights that continue to shine among us! -SLHB

My only daughter was born when I was nearly forty years old. Needless to say, I had a lot to tell her and I was impatient for her to grow up to engage in the conversation. While she was still rolling round on the changing table in the closet, (figuratively, not literally) I bought three writing journals. One pink, one blue and one purple. In those journals, at random times over the last 12 years of her life, I have written the things I wanted to say to her when she’s grown. Mostly, I wrote to her about what she did: “Today, in school, a boy told you his friend has a crush on you.” and I wrote to her about how I felt about politics. “By the time you read this, I hope that the LGTBQT community has settled this.” What I didn’t write (I don’t think…) was: “I hope you find use of these journals.” Because, frankly, I don’t care if she reads them or uses them to prop up her iPad. I mean it. I may have written them FOR her and mostly TO her, but that really isn’t the point. Clearly, in the time and place that I was writing these entries over the last 12 years, I was envisioning who my daughter would be and what she would think reading them, but mostly, I was sharing WHAT WAS OF INTEREST TO ME THAT DAY. I didn’t write about LGTBQT issues because I thought that was something that she would care about. Maybe she would. Maybe not. No matter. She could choose what to read and what to skip. I wrote for ME.

This newsletter is no different. First, it's a newsletter. As in NEWS - LETTER. News stories written by different people at different times. (It’s nearly all written by me – more on this later – but I am definitely in a different space at different times in the day and in the week.) In letter format since I like controlling who is on my mailing list. (You have to admit, some people aren’t going to be ready for this flavor of Kool-Aid for a while.)Your job is to pick what you are drawn to; just read whatever catches your eye. I don’t recall knowing anyone who read a newspaper cover to cover. Dad was a sports section guy. Mom just wants the crossword. We all have that spot. Find yours. Skip the rest. Consider this a buffet of written materials. Pick and choose what you want to take onto your plate. If Brussel sprouts offend you, don’t take one. And if there is stuff you will simply NEVER be ready for… like habanero peppers; then I call that “discernment.” Give yourself a point for knowing what is for you and what is not.

Thank you for being part of my tribe.


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