Options For Your Session

Are you curious to know what you can expect when you arrive for your one hour session?

For Reiki, Cold Laser Therapy, Hypnosis, and Accunect - 

This is designed to be a relaxing hour. As long as you have your paperwork already completed when you arrive, (recommended), you should be entering your treatment room within 5 minutes of arrival. After a full session, we may use the last five minutes to gently discuss anything that came up during our time together.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” 
― Albert Einstein

For Basic Consultations-

As a professional problem solver and Trusted Advisor; I create a client-centered range of options on the fly as I get to know you and the issue presented. These appointments are designed to be a free and open flow of information that offers you personally designed solutions and experiences so that you can chose the path that feels just perfect for you. Think of this as an 'issue based sample platter' of what different modalities can do to alleviate your discomfort, or seek joy. In your hour, you may try energy work to remove an energy blockage or you may decide to try age regression therapy and want to test your response to hypnosis to remove a subconscious block.  At the the end of the $86 hour, you will be given a choice. You can: 1) Declare that you feel complete.  2) Chose and schedule your next appointment, if needed; or 3) Stay and pay for a second hour. (If we we both feel that immediate closure is possible at that time.)  This would occur in a situation where you come in with a stated issue and an immediate balancing, Reiki, or hypnosis appears to be the best solution.  

Unless otherwise designated, these are one hour sessions. Recommended that you bring water or a water bottle to hydrate after treatment/discussions. 

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser treatments are with ScalarWave products and protocols and include Laser Light of Red, Infra Red, and Violet light frequencies




This relaxation technique is the equivalent of a loved one putting their hands on your shoulders in support during stressful times. While you lay as deeply relaxed as possible, fully clothed (but no shoes) and covered in a soft blanket; I will gently hover my hands above or place my hands upon you to donate energy to remove stress, blockages, and pain.


I prefer to utilize both Reiki and Accunect (see below) in my sessions, so Reiki-Only sessions are not available.




This balancing technique starts all my sessions except for the Reiki-Only session listed above. I strongly feel that it is best to address any stuck energy or programming that is ready to shift BEFORE beginning Reiki. This combination of modalities is a wonderful compliment to bringing in energy so that healing can begin immediately and with ease.

This is an off the body technique. 

                               Foundation Session $110.00/hr

Essential Oils


The scents and sounds in your relaxation room are designed to be both healthy and relaxing. When you first arrive, if your paperwork is complete, you are encouraged to choose a room scent from my extensive selection of DoTerra Oils for free. 


If you love the scent enough, buy a bottle (or bring your own) and you may keep the remainder of the Oil from the diffuser to keep the scent with you as a linen, room, or body spray.

                                               Glass Bottle $5.00.

Courses - 


Once you recognize the ongoing health and wellness benefits of Reiki you may decide to learn how to do Reiki for yourself and others. 


I teach introductory, intermediate and master level courses in compact, 2-3 day long intensives using the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) curriculum.

Access class dates, information, and location on the Classes page under Services. 

   Intro to Reiki (2.5 hours)                 $190.00

   Reiki I & II- Holy Fire II                    $350.00

   ART and Master training                 $680.00 

   Karuna Reiki                                   $680.00         

(The 2019 class schedule is on the classes page.)

Download this client information sheet and send ahead or bring with you so that you can have more time on the table!


This carefully established technique for reprogramming the subconscious 'tracks' that run in the background of out daily activities is limitless in areas of pain management, self improvement, and overall life improvement. 

I customarily dovetail hypnotic suggestion with the work I do to support the ultimate stated goals of the people I meet. 

Stand alone sessions can be scheduled after a free 30-minute discussion establishes the goals and parameters of the work. 

$110 per session

Basic Consultation

My consultation fees are based on the belief that we are meeting to determine whether to establish an ongoing healing or problem-solving relationship.                                                                                                  $110/hour

Smooth Transitions
For regular energetic health maintenance or should you or a loved one want to have support and a calming influence through a life transition such as Divorce, Death or Health Event; I offer packages of 3, 6 and 12 sessions to create a healing and healthy space to process and treat yourself as you grow into your healthiest and happiest self. 
With my past history of being a divorce and family law attorney for over 20 years, I am uniquely qualified to walk with you through some of the major transitions that life can offer us. These appointments are unique as we have the luxury of time and I can bring my entire toolkit to our sessions to help meet you in the moment and serve whatever you most need and desire. 
Time allotted can be used however you prefer on the day of your appointment. Full menu of services will be made available at first appointment. 
Package of 3 x 75 minute sessions:   $300
Package of 6 x 75 minute sessions:   $555
Package of 12 x 90 minute sessions: $999