What is Accunect?

Accunect is a complete energy healing system that works for physical, mental, and emotional imbalances. It brings the bodymind back into balance so that it can heal naturally. It is the perfect complement to modern biomedicine because it addresses the roots of imbalance and diseases, instead of focusing on controlling symptoms. It is completely safe and non-invasive. Accunect is easy and can be learned by anyone, and makes effective healthcare accessible to everyone.

The body is constantly healing at an amazing rate. We replace all of our blood cells every 4 months, our entire outer layer of skin ever 30 days and our entire digestive lining every three days. This effort takes a lot of blood, nutrients, oxygen, and energy from the body. When we are stressed, the body takes these resources away from healing to keep you ready to run or fight. The imbalance is one of the basic ways that the body becomes inefficient, leading to disease.

Accunect addresses all of the ways that the body becomes stuck in stress mode, whethe this be imbalances in body systems or energy systems, stored emotions, limiting beliefs or the trauma from illness, injuries, or emotional events. You can do Accunect on yourself, or you can use it to help others.

Accunect draws on the ancient wisdom of thousands of years of Chinese medicine as well as the latest techniques in applied kinesiology to create personalized sessions that address your unique life story and your needs for balance. It uses muscle-checking and a Health Map to find your unique path back to health on all levels.

Accunect was created by Dr. Don Ka’imi Pilipovich, DAC, LMT and Sarah Simonis. Dr. Pilipovich has degrees in both Computer Science and Acupuncture and has spent 14 years developing and teaching Chinese Medicine & Energy Medicine courses.

Accunect is amazingly powerful. By focusing on the key energy systems where stress disrupts natural function, Accunect is able to unlock the body's natural ability to heal. Many professionals use Accunect as a primary tool in their practice. 
-Don Ka'imi Pilipovich

Accunect is harder to describe than Reiki for me because there are no physical sensations of heat or cool while I am working with someone on my table like there is with flowing Reiki energy.

Logistically, with Accunect, I use muscle testing and follow a Health Map to find areas of the body that are ready for balancing. Once located, I then focus on the area in question and lightly tap above the brain (nervous system) and heart (meridian system) to call to the systems or areas to balance themselves.


Accunect is much easier to understand after a session because it is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, like Acupuncture and other similar eastern modalities, and when I look after a session at what someone's body was hungry for, it often matches up with issues presented prior to the appointment.

I do not use Accunect balancing to address issues that bring people to my table. I merely muscle test and trust. This honors the proper order as well as timing of what is ready to shift on the day I am working. 


Many times since I started combining the modalities of Accunect and Reiki have I seen and felt the results of a balancing as soon as someone gets off my table, or even during the session.


However, just as I can't see the energy that lights my room or the air I breathe, I cannot explain how Accunect works.


But it does.


This is yet another experience where I can only ask you to experience it and test it for yourself to see what Accunect can do for you!

For some research on Accunect, I invite you to go to the Accunect website and read the blog.