Business & Personal Coaching
Find YOUR Next Step

As a business owner of several businesses since 1994, Stephanie is uniquely positioned to help you find your next step on a package or piecemeal basis. 

Looking for a heart-centered business model; many of Stephanie's students and other Reiki Masters have approached her as they build their business with one-off questions or for longer term business models and strategic planning.

Stephanie has decided that the best businesses are ones that are built on the sheer joy of providing help and services to others who seek your exact temperament and skills. She believes that planning your business with a hot mug of something you love in a comfortable space and together with people you love working with is the best way to envision how you want to spend the hours, days and even years of your working life. She believes that our choices to spend time with others should be easy, enjoyable, and as fun as possible. She believes that what is created in love will grow and flourish. 

That is why she enjoys supporting other energy workers while they create their businesses, too. 

No matter where you are in your process; Stephanie is available to help you find your next step. Many times clients do not need any more than just to secure clarity on which direction is the most joyful and profitable for them and to determine what step they want to joyfully take next


Stephanie can assist with steps to help clarify what you want to do - whom you want to focus on servicing - as well as using Reiki, hypnosis, and other easily accessible processes to lift blocks regarding money, build confidence, and create enjoyment in the work you do. 

As each question or issue comes up - or as you back up and take a run at the mountain - just book a two-hour personal session or hire Stephanie for a stated period of time to help you decide exactly what you are ready and willing to do as your next steps in building your business or your life. 

You will focus on where you are now and where you want to be with regard to planning, growth, or expansion.


These appointments are designed to help you decide exactly what you want and make efforts that will grow your efforts in the direction you personally choose. 

Personal Sessions - Hourly                                            $60/hour

    (Minimum 2 hour first session)


    15 hour Guidance package  (Use time as needed)     $  600.00

    12 month Growth process    (100 hr max.)              $ 2,500.00