Doors (Sticky vs. Wide Open)

Is there a right time to open a door? I’ve just received an email from John Burgos at Beyond the Ordinary Show that they are completely rescheduling “…our Great Awakenings event featuring Wendy Kennedy and Nora Herald originally scheduled for April 14th. The event will now be held on June 9th.” And then, with no apologies, they took the time to say why. The Universe wasn’t on board. The stated reason was more 3D and detailed: the venue was double booked; expenses; wrong room. Basically, the venue was playing hard to get and John’s team recognized it was time for a change. From their newsletter: “Our attempts to find a new venue for April have not come together easily, so rather than scramble

When the Wind Blows

There is an article in the Spring 2018 issue of Reiki News Magazine entitled Reiki and Emergency Preparedness by Peter Huhtala. In it, he states that the experts suggest a 37% chance of the Pacific Northwest experiencing at least a magnitude 8.0 earthquake within the next 50 years. I have been a little more than slightly aware of the Cascadia Subduction Zone since my previous law partner joined her local CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and got her HAM radio license. Once she started her training, she became more proactive in getting the rest of us on board. And I am very glad she did. In early 2018, I noted the advice of the shamans when they pointed out that the big beautiful plane

Why a Newsletter?

Why not? I mean I write plenty in my daily journal and I research metaphysical trends for myself… So the question remains… why not share? This is my attempt to disseminate materials and messages I come across in my regular (and irregular) readings and research. The fact is that a regular newsletter will allow me to share my own musings as well as quotes, messages, and the belief systems of those I come across. Rather like my own book club, blog, book report and Facebook page. You know – on a private list. Who I Am Reading Now… The people (and entities) quoted here are the ones that interest me currently. I may or may not stay with someone I find of interest so it is imperative for you to giv


My husband and I have a code word for a large amount of work falling on us in a short period of time. It comes from my teen years, when I was an avid fan of the books and radio stories of Douglass Adams. In one particularly interesting story line, a whale and a flowerpot pop into existence in the ozone above a planet and have a short conversation about it as they fall to the planet. The discussion was about if it hurts less when you fall on land or sea. The Flowerpot maintained it would be easier on the Whale if they had a sea landing. The Whale disagreed, arguing that it isn’t whether it is your natural habitat, it's how hard you hit it. Personally, I was struck by what the person they land