How energy can help


Stress blocks energy and blocked energy causes illness. 

If you are stressed, have low energy, or are ill; spending time to reverse these processes is the way to honor your body and return it to optimum health.



Reiki/Balancing Combination


Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, and ancient healing traditions around the world all started with one basic tenant: The body is designed and capable of healing itself. 

By combining the two modalities of Accunect and Reiki, we honor the body by:

1- Asking what blocks are ready to release, and releasing those blocks.

                 And then... 

2 - Washing the body in a gentle cascade of energy to stimulate, enable, and encourage the body to heal and calm itself.

If it sounds heavenly... it is!

Welcome to Reiki 2020! Goodness, I do hope you are finding ways to ground these energies and enjoy your life!

If you need assistance, I can schedule a zoom meeting or distance Reiki session, however as I am located in Multnomah County, Oregon, it will be some time before I hold clinic hours again. 

Many of you will be called to learn Reiki for energy work on self and others. If so, I am willing to teach Reiki online partially using the ICRT Holy Fire III modules combined with my own expanded curriculum. See my classes page for an outline of that offering. 

With all my love and support - Steph'nie

Steph'nie Hoffmann, August, 2018

Steph'nie Hoffmann