How energy can help


Stress blocks energy and blocked energy causes illness. 

If you are stressed, have low energy, or are ill; spending time to reverse these processes is the way to honor your body and return it to optimum health.



Reiki/Balancing Combination


Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, and ancient healing traditions around the world all started with one basic tenant: The body is designed and capable of healing itself. 

By combining the two modalities of Accunect and Reiki, we honor the body by:

1- Asking what blocks are ready to release, and releasing those blocks.

                 And then... 

2 - Washing the body in a gentle cascade of energy to stimulate, enable, and encourage the body to heal and calm itself.

If it sounds heavenly... it is!

Steph'nie Hoffmann, August, 2018


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